Lost Coast Writers retreat
A non-profit Writers’ Cooperative

The beach at the base of the bluff.

Once there was a writing retreat...

and it just got better and better year after year!

Lost Coast Writers Retreat 2018 will continue to be 9 NIGHTS!

Our weekday/weekend configuration is changing slightly, so check your calendars. Our reservations at Mattole Camp & Retreat Center have been made for

Wednesday(pm), June 20  — Friday, June 29


The unanimous vote of the campers on the final night of camp—all of whom were committed or confirmed to attend in 2018— was to again reserve the camp for an additional three nights. Next year will be configured a little bit differently with an eye toward impacting only one weekend. This was decided after this year’s camp through e-mail discussion and e-”vote”. Some people will still come a day or two late while others leave a few days early, but the majority of campers contacted have said they will be staying the full nine nights. As of discussions so far, in 2018 campers who sign up for six nights will have the option of staying for one or all three additional  nights at the full-stay rate of $325. Campers staying fewer than the core six nights will pay $50 per night.

We were again very near capacity this year, so


6/20 through 6/29, 2018

Any 6 of those nights with the option of 3 more for $325.

Your $50 deposits can be sent as early as October 1.


        ~                ~                ~                ~                ~

— Stories, poems, and pictures from 2017 are requested. SEND ‘EM IN!

— The 2017 anthology has some submissions and is ready for more!

        Send your photos, stories, and poems, recollections and reviews to: bickford1@gmail.com

Send deposits to:


                                    c/o Michael Bickford

                                    2032 Parton Lane

                                    Arcata, CA 95521

       A writing workshop could never be held in a more beautiful area than this.

            —Julie Meyers

At Camp Mattole you face your muse:

            with no internet or cell service

            there is nowhere for your muse to hide,

            and nowhere to hide from your muse.

Roll on, mattole...